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Broken Chains Recovery Center

Brief History:

Founded in 2009
Became a 501c3 Non-profit Charity - In 2015
Became a Sober Living Facility in 2017

Broken Chains Recovery Center

Who We Are:

Broken Chains Recovery Center is a sober living facility. It is a fellowship of addicts and alcoholics who have joined together to help one another through the struggles and temptations of addiction. We offer hope and encouragement by sharing our faith in a power greater than ourselves. Our personal experiences reveal a loving God who, through the Holy Scriptures, guides us on the road to recovery.

Broken Chains Recovery Center

Our Community Impact:

We currently run three sober living facilities housing 42 people. Dozens of lives are being changed each year. In 2021 there were 13,354 people who attended our 8:00 PM meetings. We provide Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings two days a week, Narcotics Anonymous Meetings two days a week, and Faith-Based Meetings three days a week. All of our meetings are open to the public 365 days a year.

Board Members

Brad Larza
(361) 947-8598 / [email protected]

Jim Davis
Board Member
(361) 765-2277 / [email protected]

Tim Miller
Board Member
(361) 438-3801 / [email protected]

Jay Gardenhire
Board Member
(210) 381-0757 / [email protected]

Cheandra Spraggins
Board Member
(361) 688-2644 / [email protected]

Russell Campbell
Board Member
(361) 815-0155 / [email protected]


Robert Reed
(361) 687-6175 / [email protected]

Lorraine Sanchez
Assistant Director
(808) 940-2858 / [email protected]

Dr. Angelo Zegarelli
Peer Support
(281) 640-4630 / [email protected]